1. Breath On
2. Bring It Around Again
3. Boys
4. Three (Everyday)
5. This Could Be
6. Somewhere, Christine
7. Point Of No Return
8. Funeral
9. Waiting For The Weekend
10. Fractured Image


Matt Portella: vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards and background vocals

Fran Smith Jr.: bass, keyboards and background vocals on Boys

Steve Butler: electric guitars

David Kelly: electric guitars on Funeral

Tod Howarth: background vocals on Somewhere, Christine

All songs written by Matt Portella except Point of No Return written by Matt Portella and Fran Smith Jr.

Produced by: Matt Portella
Co-Produced by: Andy Kravitz and Fran Smith Jr.

Fractured Image, the new release by singer-songwriter Matt Portella, blends acoustic-based folk rock with emotional, introspective lyrics delivered by Portella's bold and soulful voice. The combination of this pure, electric energy leaves the memorable melodies lingering on in the listener's mind long after the tracks have been played.

On this record, Portella shares bits and pieces of life, love and hardships. More importantly, he does so with a voice and style that is something so incredibly fresh. "New music can lose its glimmer if it mimics what’s been done in the past, but after hearing several songs from Fractured Image, the listener will realize one thing -- Portella's sound cannot initially be categorized. It’s rare to find something so unique." - Erica Batchelor, Pop Break

Portella's inspirations such as Neil Finn, Jeffrey Gaines, Simon and Garfunkel, and Duncan Sheik subtly emerge throughout the record brilliantly blending themselves into a music melting pot that sounds like a mix of early Dave Matthews, Mat Kearney and Jack Johnson. The record is a masterful combination of Portella’s heartfelt vocals, acoustic rhythm and electric guitar breakdowns blended with moving bass lines and driving beats. The album was recorded on both the East and West Coasts and features a band of professional musicians including Fran Smith, Jr. (The Hooters) on bass, Steve Butler (Smash Palace) on electric guitar, Andy “The Funky Drummer” Kravitz on drums and percussion and a guest appearance by Tod Howarth (Ace Frehley’s Coment, Ted Nugent and Cheap Trick) on background vocals